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Animate to Harmony (Paperback)
作者: Adam Phillips 
出版社: Focal Press
出版日期: 2014/10/15
尺寸: 246x189x35mm
重量: 942 grams
ISBN-10: 0415705371
ISBN-13: 9780415705370
書城編號: 1056892

原價: HK$481.00
現售: HK$456.95 節省: HK$24.05

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Want to create studio-quality work and get noticed? Just coming off Flash and looking for a Toon Boom intro? Are you a traditional pencil-and-paper animator? From scene setup to the final render, learn how to navigate the Toon Boom interface to create animation that can be published on a variety of platforms and formats.

Animate to Harmony guides you through Toon Boom's Animate, Animate Pro and Harmony programs, teaching you how to create high-quality 2D animation of all complexities. The main text focuses onfeatures that are common across all three programs while "Advanced Techniques" boxes throughout the book elaborate on Pro and Harmony features, appealing to all levels of experience with any of the three main Toon Boom products.

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