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macOS High Sierra: The Missing Manual (Paperback)
作者: David Pogue 
出版社: O'Reilly Media
出版日期: 2018/02/10
尺寸: 177x233x44mm
重量: 1.31 kg
ISBN-10: 149203200X
ISBN-13: 9781492032007
書城編號: 1387112

原價: HK$250.00
現售: HK$237.5 節省: HK$12.5

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With High Sierra, Apple has taken its macOS operating system to new heights. From Apple's efficient new file system to improved video streaming and support for virtual reality, this latest macOS version provides features improve your experience. And once again, David Pogue brings his humor and expertise to the #1 bestselling Mac book.

Whether you're a developer or a home-user, this guide offers a wealth of detail on Apple's macOS 10.13 operating system, this new edition covers everything High Sierra has to offer.

  • Perfect for newcomers. Get crystal-clear, jargon-free introductions to the best and brightest macOS apps, including Siri, Safari, iCloud, FaceTime, and AirDrop.
  • Get the whole picture. Learn more efficient ways to navigate, organize, and edit your photos with new features in the Photos app.
  • Go in-depth. Take advantage of Apple's new graphics technology, and its support for virtual reality.Gain real insight. David Pogue doesn't just tell you how to use macOS features. You'll also learn why to use them--and how to avoid common pitfalls.i

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