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This Drop of Water (Hardcover)
作者: Anna Claybourne 
出版日期: 2019/12/24
尺寸: 286x257x11mm
重量: 0.5 kg
ISBN-10: 1445163659
ISBN-13: 9781445163659
書城編號: 1483437

原價: HK$170.00
現售: HK$161.5 節省: HK$8.5

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A beautifully illustrated look at our wonderful watery world

This Drop of Water begins with a thunderstorm on a hot summer day. Suddenly - splash A drop of water hits a girl right on the nose. Where did it come from? And where will it go? She wants to know

The book uses this simple premise as a jumping-off point to explore what water is, where it comes from and how essential it is to life here on Earth. It explores topics as important and wide-ranging as how the Earth formed, the water cycle, clouds and the tides. It also highlights just how precious a resource water is.

A beautifully illustrated picture book with friendly narrative text by the award-winning author of This Little Pebble, which was shortlisted for prestigious science and art awards, This Drop of Water will make the topic come alive for readers aged 7 and up.

List of contents:

Watery world
It came from outer space
Flowing downhill
Into the oceans
Out of the sea
Here comes the rain
The big freeze
Water shapes the world
Water underground
Water for plants
Water for animals
Water for us
Turn on the tap
Down the plughole
Precious water
Weird water
Round and round
Water activities
Glossary and index

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