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Captain Cat and the Treasure Map (Paperback)
作者: Sue Mongredien 
出版日期: 2020/10/01 (快將出版)
尺寸: 197x130x14mm
ISBN-10: 1509883908
ISBN-13: 9781509883905
書城編號: 1492319

原價: HK$90.00
現售: HK$85.5 節省: HK$4.5

(購買此書 10本以上 9折, 60本以上 8折)

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Captain Cat and the Treasure Map is a laugh-out-loud piratical adventure, perfect for newly confident readers. Patch is a ship's cat who lives aboard The Golden Earring. Along with her friends, Cutlass the parrot and Monty the monkey, Patch frequently gets the pirate crew out of trouble--although they never realize quite how much she does to save their skins. In their first adventure, the pirate crew discover a treasure map and set out to find where X marks the spot. But little do they know that the treasure is cursed and it's up to Captain Cat to stop them, before it's too late

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