Idols of the Odeons (Hardcover)
作者: Andrew Roberts 
出版日期: 2020/04/23
尺寸: 234x156x33mm
重量: 756 grams
ISBN-10: 1526147033
ISBN-13: 9781526147035
書城編號: 1637311

售價: $1040.00

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Idols of the Odeons examines British film stardom in the post-war era, a time when Hollywood movies were increasingly supplanting the Pinewood/Elstree studio system. The book encompasses the careers of sixteen actors, including Stanley Baker, Diana Dors, Norman Wisdom, Hattie Jacques, Peter Finch and Peter Sellers. Such extremely diverse careers provide the opportunity to explore overlooked films, in addition to examining how the term 'star' could apply to a stalwart leading man, a Variety comic, a self-created 'Vamp' and a character actor. Above all, this is a book that celebrates, with idiosyncratic humour and warmth, how these actors accomplished much of their best work during the transitional period between the Rank/ABPC roster of stars and the US domination of the British film industry.

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