Exploring the World of Social Policy (Paperback)
作者: Michael Hill 
出版社: Policy Press
出版日期: 2020/04/22
尺寸: 240x172x22mm
重量: 510 grams
ISBN-10: 1447335007
ISBN-13: 9781447335009
書城編號: 1648687

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 This bold new textbook represents a significant step forward in social policy teaching by combining comparative and global perspectives. Introducing readers to a wide spread of international challenges and issues, the book shows how insights into policy can be generated using a comparative and multidisciplinary approach. Global in its canvas and analytical in its method, the book: - explores the economic, social and political contexts of social policy; - examines in detail its institutions and fields of practice; - illustrates the field's main ideas, themes and practices, drawing on a rich international literature and using pertinent and thought-provoking examples. Authored by two highly respected and experienced academics, this book demonstrates the rewards of studying social policy from an international perspective by avoiding the constraints of a single-nation focus. Clear, authoritative and wide-ranging, it will be essential reading for students of social sciences taking courses covering social policy, social welfare and comparative policy analysis.

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