Lion Goes Roar! (Hardcover)
作者: John Townsend 
出版日期: 2020/09/01
尺寸: 210x150x22mm
ISBN-10: 1913337006
ISBN-13: 9781913337001
書城編號: 1661558

原價: HK$90.00
現售: HK$85.5 節省: HK$4.5

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Using lots of fun and interactive touch, trace, and lift-the-flap elements, A Lion Goes Roar introduces young children to animals in the savannah.

If you follow all the tracks,
You may just catch a sight
Of striped friends in swaying grass...
(Lift grassy flap) We're zebras - black and white

Trace the line, lift the flaps, and meet some of the wild animals roaming the savannah Following paw prints and footprints and three-toed tracks, kids will encounter laughing hyenas hidden by tall giraffes, a hippo wallowing in the mud behind the water reeds, a newly hatched baby ostrich inside a nest, and--of course--a mighty lion in a cave ROARING.

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