Secrets of the Cicada Summer (paperback)
作者: Andrea Beaty 
出版社: Amulet Books
出版日期: 2010/05/01
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ISBN-10: 0810984199
ISBN-13: 9780810984196
書城編號: 295515

原價: HK$90.00
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 Now in paperback Lily has read every Nancy Drew book in the library. She's great at spying clues and keeping secrets. She has to be. She has secrets of her own that no one can ever find out.
When summer brings lying, stealing Tinny Bridges to town, Lily must depend on her own wits to keep ahead of this sly newcomer. Tinny takes candy from the general store and blames Lily. She tries to steal Lily's friends and even her father's affection. Worst of all, she seems to know Lily's secret. When Tinny goes missing, only Lily has an idea what happened to her. But for Lily, finding Tinny means confronting her hidden past.
With its taut-pacing and lyrical writing, Andrea Beaty's critically acclaimed mystery has been hailed as "the kind of satisfying read that summer is all about" (School Library Journal). Praise for Cicada Summer

"One part memory, one part mystery, and a generous dose of atmosphere make this the kind of satisfying read that Summer Reading is all about." --School Library Journal

"Beaty weaves elements from Lily's favorite Nancy Drew stories together with a moving picture of a child . . ." --Kirkus

"Written with clarity and fine attention to craft, this accessible novel reveals the secret in Lily's past just as she reaches out to solve the mystery." --Booklist

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