Nuclear Politics and the Non-Aligned Movement: Principles vs Pragmatism
作者: William Potter 
出版社: Taylor & Francis
出版日期: 2012/02
尺寸: 234x157x19mm
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ISBN-10: 0415696410
ISBN-13: 9780415696418
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The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is the largest and most diverse political grouping of states engaged on issues related to nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament.

Drawing on the authors’ first-hand experiences as members of NAM observer-state delegations in NPT and IAEA negotiations, as well as the findings of a larger CNS research project on NAM nuclear politics, the book will provide important new insights about how a small subset of NAM states has tended to dominate NAM politics and have promoted policies that are often at odds with those advanced by Western states on issues such as nuclear terrorism, IAEA safeguards, nuclear export controls, multinational fuel arrangements, proliferation in the Middle East, NPT, and nuclear arms control and disarmament. Based on an analysis of NAM perspectives, politics, and priorities, the book will provide practical recommendations for engaging NAM members in a more constructive fashion on issues related to nuclear nonproliferation, disarmament, peaceful use, and counter-nuclear terrorism. Particular attention will be given to problems likely to be encountered when Iran assumes the chairmanship of NAM in 2012 and how these difficulties can best be mitigated in the lead up to the next NPT Review Conference.


‘The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is one of the largest and oldest political groupings. Standing apart from the big military powers it has a tradition of support for disarmament. Where it succeeds in maintaining cohesion despite its diverse membership it weighs heavily in the decision making process — not least by its large membership (120 states). This excellent study is based on personal experience, interviews and documents, and gives us a much needed knowledge of the workings and records of the group.’ Hans Blix,Director General Emeritus of the IAEA, Former Chairman of the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) for Iraq

‘A unique and an exceptional sourcurate information and in-depth analysis of NAM's 50-year struggle for a world free of nuclear weapons. It should guide us in approaching the convening of the 2012 Conference on the establishment of a zone free of nuclear weapons and all other weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East, as well as during the NPT Review Conference of 2015 and its preparatory phase beginning in the spring of 2012.’ Ambassador Mohamed I. Shaker,Chairman of the Board of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs and President of the 1985 NPT Review Conference

‘It is surprising that NAM has received so little attention from Western scholars. Filling the gap is this book on NAM's nuclear politics. Based on scholarly research and enriched by direct personal experience in NPT conferences, it reveals a depth of understanding rare in Western research. It should receive the careful attention of policymakers and commentators on the influential coalition of nations that comprise NAM.’ Ambassador...

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