Trade Unions in Asia: An Economic and Sociological Analysis
作者: John Benson 
出版社: Routledge Academic
出版日期: 2010/05
ISBN-10: 041559040X
ISBN-13: 9780415590402
書城編號: 689909

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Offering a comprehensive account of the role of trade unions in Asia today, this book, put together by two editors who have published extensively in the areas of business and economics in Asia, covers all the important Asian economies: both developed and developing.

Making a vital contribution to the very small amount of literature that has been published on this topic, this book focuses, in particular on how trade unions have organized to represent workers and the strategies they have adopted. It discusses the issues surrounding wages and working conditions, health and safety, women’s employment opportunities and human resource development, in the context of the major regional economies, including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, India, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

This is an essential read for both professional and postgraduate students , studying or working in the areas of Asian business.


1. Trade Unions in Asia: Organisation, Strategy and Issues John Benson and Ying Zhu 2. Trade Unions in Theory and Practice: Perspectives from Advanced Industrial Countries Howard Gospel 3. Trade Unions in Japan: Collective Justice or Managerial Compliance John Benson 4. Trade Unions in South Korea: Transition Towards Neocorporatism Chris Rowley and Kil-Sang Yoo 5. Trade Unions in Taiwan: Confronting the Challenge of Globalisation and Economic Restructuring Ying Zhu 6. Trade Unions in Hong Kong: Worker Representation or Political Agent? Andy W. Chan 7. Trade Unions in Singapore: Corporatist Paternalism Chris Leggett 8. Trade Unions in Malaysia: Complexity of a State-Employer System Nagiah Ramasamy and Chris Rowley 9. Trade Unions in China: In Search of a New Role in the ‘Harmonious Society’ Malcolm Warner 10. Trade Unions in India: From Politics of Fragmentation to Politics of Expansion and Integration? K.R. Shyam Sundar 11. Trade Unions in Sri Lanka: Beyond Party Politics Samanthi Gunawardana and Janaka Biyanwila 12. Trade Unioetnam: From Socialism to Market Socialism Vincent Edwards and Anh Phan 13. Trade Unions in Thailand: Issues and Future Directions Vimolwan Yukongdi 14. Trade Unions in Indonesia: From State Incorporation to Market Orientation Joe Isaac and Sari Sitalaksmi 15. Trade Unions in Asia: A Comparative Analysis John Benson and Ying Zhu

Author Bio

John Benson is Professor and Head, School of Management at the University of South Australia. He is the author/editor of nine books and over eighty journal articles and book chapters. He has had extensive consultancy experience with unions, business enterprises and government departments. His major research interests include Japanese management and unions, the restructuring of Chinese industry, outsourcing, and knowledge workers.

Ying Zhu is the Director of the Master HRM and an Associate Professor in the Department of Management and Marketing, the University of Melbourne, Australia. He has published a number of books, chapters and journal articles...

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