The Supreme Macaroni Company, 1st Edition
作者: Adriana Trigiani 
出版社: Thorndike Press
出版日期: 2013/12
ISBN-10: 006229878X
ISBN-13: 9780062298782
書城編號: 774712

原價: HK$260.00
現售: HK$247 節省: HK$13

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In The Shoemaker’s Wife Adriana Trigiani swept her readers across generations of an Italian family‚ from the Italian Alps at the turn of the twentieth century to the cobblestone streets of Little Italy. In The Supreme Macaroni Company‚ she weaves a heartbreaking story that begins on the eve of a wedding in New York’s Greenwich Village‚ travels to New Orleans‚ and culminates in Tuscany. Family‚ work‚ romance‚ and the unexpected twists of life and fate all come together in an unforgettable narrative that Adriana Trigiani’s many fans will adore.

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