Earth (paperback)
作者: Israel Felzenszwalb 
出版社: CreateSpace
出版日期: 2013/04/30
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ISBN-10: 1482657023
ISBN-13: 9781482657029
書城編號: 971778

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How did earth emerge on our planet? What are the different forms in which it appears? The importance of recycling and the risks we take with the accumulation of waste and pollution. Numerous tips on the things we can do to protect our planet. Preserving the environment for the benefit of all those - people, plants and animals - that inhabit our planet Earth.This Collection is the result of an encounter between two childhood friends who had not seen each other for more than forty years. Israel Felzenszwalb is a biologist, David Palatnik an art director and illustrator. Both had the same idea: to combine an amusing text with captivating pictures to make children understand the multidisciplinary questions that arise with regard to the study and perception of the environment. They are driven by the conviction that if we are to protect our planet we have to start working from childhood onwards to change the paradigms.

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