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Perfect Phrases in Spanish for Construction

Yates Jean, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/08/04
原價: HK$150.00 現售: HK$142.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Your First Powerboat

Armstrong Robert, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/08/01
原價: HK$190.00 現售: HK$180.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

CorelDRAW?X4: The Official Guide

Bouton Gary David, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/08/01
原價: HK$500.00 現售: HK$475
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Executive Warfare: 10 Rules of Engagement for Winning Your War for Success

D'Alessandro David, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/08/01
原價: HK$420.00 現售: HK$399
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Biofuels Engineering Process Technology

Drapcho Caye, Nghiem John, Walker Terry, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/08/01
原價: HK$1520.00 現售: HK$1444

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Teach Yourself Basic Mathematics

Graham Alan, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/08/01
原價: HK$150.00 現售: HK$142.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Hacking Exposed Linux

ISECOM , McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/08/01
原價: HK$550.00 現售: HK$522.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Crystal Reports 2008: The Complete Reference

Peck George, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/08/01
原價: HK$670.00 現售: HK$636.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

McGraw-Hill's Spanish Student Dictionary

Qualls Regina, Sanchez L., McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/08/01
原價: HK$240.00 現售: HK$228
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Medical Charting Demystified

Richards Joan, Keogh James, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/08/01
原價: HK$250.00 現售: HK$237.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Building Wealth Buying Foreclosures

Schaub John, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/08/01
原價: HK$270.00 現售: HK$256.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Perfect Phrases for Dealing with Difficult Situations at Work: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Coming Out on Top Even in the Toughest Office Con

Benjamin Susan, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/07/24
原價: HK$160.00 現售: HK$152
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

How to Hug a Porcupine: Negotiating the Prickly Points of the Tween Years

Ross Julie, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/07/23
原價: HK$170.00 現售: HK$161.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Unstoppable Confidence

Sayre Kent, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/07/11
原價: HK$180.00 現售: HK$171
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

The New Gold Standard: 5 Leadership Principles for Creating a Legendary Customer Experience Courtesy of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Michelli Joseph, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/07/04
原價: HK$280.00 現售: HK$266
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Emergency Navigation, 2nd Edition

Burch David, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/07/01
原價: HK$210.00 現售: HK$199.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing

Irwin Robert, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/07/01
原價: HK$230.00 現售: HK$218.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

The Secret Laws of Attraction

Miedaner Talane, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/07/01
原價: HK$180.00 現售: HK$171
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Perfect Phrases for the TOEFL Speaking and Writing Sections

Steinberg Roberta, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/07/01
原價: HK$140.00 現售: HK$133
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Practice Makes Perfect Spanish Pronouns Up Close

Vogt Eric, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/07/01
原價: HK$150.00 現售: HK$142.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

McGraw-Hill's French Student Dictionary for your iPod (MP3 CD-ROM + Guide)

Winders Jacqueline, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/07/01
原價: HK$130.00 現售: HK$123.5

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Session Initiation Protocol (SIP): Controlling Convergent Networks

Russell Travis, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/06/30
原價: HK$890.00 現售: HK$845.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Water Loss Control

Thornton Julian, Sturm Reinhard, Kunkel George, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/06/30
原價: HK$1350.00 現售: HK$1282.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Machine Transcription Short Course w/ student CD + Audio CD MP3 Format

Mitchell Carol, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/06/26
原價: HK$1575.00 現售: HK$1496.25

抱歉! 此商品已售罄, 不能訂購

如此商品日後有貨, 請通知我, 我的電郵/用戶名稱是:

Marketing Myopia

Levitt Theodore, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/06/16
原價: HK$100.00 現售: HK$95
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

When Markets Collide: Investment Strategies for the Age of Global Economic Change (Hardcover)

Mohamed El-Erian, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/06/13
原價: HK$450.00 現售: HK$427.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Citrix XenApp?Platinum Edition Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide

Sytems Inc Citrix, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/06/02
原價: HK$650.00 現售: HK$617.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Microsoft SQL Server?2008 Reporting Services

Larson Brian, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/06/01
原價: HK$520.00 現售: HK$494
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic: Inside One of the World? Most Admired Service Organizations

Berry Leonard, Seltman Kent, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/06/01
原價: HK$320.00 現售: HK$304
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Algebra Know-It-ALL

Gibilisco Stan, McGraw-Hill, 出版日期: 2008/06/01
原價: HK$380.00 現售: HK$361
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

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