Kiss Him, Not Me 2 (Paperback)
作者: JUNKO  
出版社: Kodansha Comics
出版日期: 2015/12/15
尺寸: 192x129x17mm
重量: 0.16 kg
ISBN-10: 1632362031
ISBN-13: 9781632362032
書城編號: 1160423

原價: HK$110.00
現售: HK$104.5 節省: HK$5.5

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Hi there It's Kae again.
When I go to school every day, it feels like I'm walking into a real life dating game. Four of the hottest guys in my school are with me everywhere I go

The school festival is coming up and I've been put in charge of making the boys outfits for a cosplay caf . Do you know what this means? That's right, I get to see them all in costume I have lived for this day, and this day alone. I'm brimming with excitement to go full-throttle fujoshi on those boys But wait Last night before the festival, Igarashi-kun was acting kind of weird, wasn't he?

And now, it's the day of the event and crazy things keep happening to me with these four beautiful boys My heart won't stop pounding This is way too real for me. I want to go back to my fantasies

Now an anime from the studio that made PRINCESS JELLYFISH and MY LITTLE MONSTER

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