Bible Animals Story Collection (Paperback)
作者: Juliet David 
出版社: Candle Books
出版日期: 2016/06/17
尺寸: 160x160x11mm
重量: 0.23 kg
ISBN-10: 1781282862
ISBN-13: 9781781282861
書城編號: 1166761

原價: HK$100.00
現售: HK$95 節省: HK$5

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Eight Bible tales are retold through the eyes of animals in this chunky paperback compilation. Read about the lion who went hungry because he missed his breakfast of . . . Daniel. Or discover the raven who helped a stranger in need, and the duck who helped find a little baby hidden in the rushes. Each story ends with a Bible reference. Smallman's illustrations are full of expression, drama, and humor, perfect for engaging young children at story time.

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