TS & the Treasure Seekers #1
作者: Thea Stilton 
出版社: Scholastic
出版日期: 2019/03/01
ISBN-10: 1338306170
ISBN-13: 9781338306170
書城編號: 1636946

原價: HK$142.00
現售: HK$134.9 節省: HK$7.1

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Join the Thea Sisters on their search for the seven missing treasures.

A Treasure Hunt Begins...While on vacation in Scotland the Thea Sisters find a secret map It holds clues to the location of the first of seven treasures that were discovered hundreds of years ago by a young explorer.On the last day of their trip, the map is stolen Can the mouselets find it before the thieves get their paws on the treasure?

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