Being Humans (Paperback)
作者: Bryony Taylor 
出版日期: 2021/04/30
尺寸: 210x150x22mm
ISBN-10: 0232534446
ISBN-13: 9780232534443
書城編號: 1640420
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原價: HK$100.00
現售: HK$95 節省: HK$5

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God on TV is a new series of small-group courses to help churches engage people in Bible study and theological reflection on moral and ethical themes. Each book uses some of the themes raised by a popular television series as a springboard for group discussion, prayer, and Lectio Divina Bible reading. It is not essential for group members to have seen the television programme, but it will provide useful food for thought for those that have. Each week will begin with a description of a key scene from Humans, consideration of a discussion on the theme by an appropriate Christian writer, then a Bible study including prayer, reflection and Bible study. Contributors include Gemma Sampson, Chine McDonald, Juliet Stephenson, Rachel Mann, Bex Lewis, and Chris Howson.

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Being Humans (Paperback)
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