eBook: Endangered Operation (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 
製造商: HMH Books
系列: Carmen Sandiego Chase-Your-Own Capers
分類: Children's / Teenage fiction & true stories , General fiction (Children's / Teenage) , Adventure stories (Children's / Teenage) , Crime & mystery fiction (Children's / Teenage) , Animal stories (Children's / Teenage) , School stories (Children's / Teenage) , Personal & social issues: family issues (Children's / Teenage)  
出版日期: 2019/10/01
頁數: 160
ISBN-10: 0358162092
ISBN-13: 9780358162094
書城編號: 20379557
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Join Carmen Sandiego and decide where in the world to go next in this globe-trotting, daring caper! Help Carmen save wild animals of all kinds, especially the rare Amur tiger cub kidnapped from you by VILE.With 20 possible endings, your adventures can take you all over the worldor out of the game. Which will you choose?In this choose-your-own-caper story set in the world of Carmen Sandiego, you are a junior zookeeper caring for a rare newborn Amur tiger cub. VILE, in its latest plot, is stealing exotic animals to sell to a billionaire collector, andyour charge is cub-napped! Carmen arrives and you decide the best way to get your cub back is to help her defeat VILE and rescue all the animals they've captured. Or do you? Twenty different endings to this story keep readers coming back for more adventures with Carmen Sandiego!
Carmen Sandiego Chase-Your-Own Capers
eBook: Endangered Operation (DRM EPUB)

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eBook: Endangered Operation (DRM EPUB)
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