eBook: Dead Zero (mp3 zips)
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作者: Stephen Hunter, Buck Schirner 
製造商: Brilliance Audio
系列: Bob Lee Swagger Series
分類: Thriller / suspense  
書城編號: 21095374

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出版日期: 2010/12/28
ISBN-10: 1441853855
ISBN-13: 9781441853851

Who killed Whiskey 2-2? And why wont it stay dead?A marine sniper team on a mission in tribal territories on the Afghan-Pakistan border, Whiskey 2-2 is ambushed by professionals using the latest high-tech shooting gear. Badly wounded, the teams sole survivor, Gunnery Sergeant Ray Cruz, aka the Cruise Missile, is determined to finish his job. He almost succeeds when a mystery blast terminates his enterprise, leaving a thirty-foot crater where a building used to be and where Sergeant Cruz was meant to be hiding. Months pass. Rays target, an Afghan warlord named Ibrahim Zarzi, sometimes called The Beheader, becomes an American asset in the region and beyond, beloved by State, the Administration, and the Agency. He arrives in Washington for consecration as Our Man in Kabul. But so does a mysterious radio transmission, in last years code. Its from Whiskey 2-2. MISSION WILL BE COMPLETED. CONFIDENCE IS HIGH. Is Ray Cruz back? Has he gone rogue, is he insane, or just insanely angry? Will he succeed, though his antagonists now include the CIA, the FBI, and the same crew of bad boys that nearly killed him in Zabol province? Not to mention Bob Lee Swagger and a beautiful CIA agent named Susan Okada who gives Swagger more than just a patriotic reason to take the case. Swagger, the legendary hero of seven of Hunters novels from Point of Impact to last years bestselling I, Sniper, is recruited by the FBI to stop the Cruise Missile from reaching his target. The problem is that the more Swagger learns about what happened in Zabol, the more he questions the U.S. governments support of Zarzi and the more he identifies with Cruz as hunter instead of prey. With its hallmark accuracy on modern killing technologies, Dead Zero features an older, more contemplative Swagger, but never lets up on the razor-sharp dialogue, vivid characterizations, extraordinary action scenes, and dazzling prose that define Hunters landmark series. And with this installment, the stunning revelations both political and privatewill leave listeners begging for more long after the last bullet finds its way home.
Bob Lee Swagger Series
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