eBook: Stitch 50 Dogs: Easy Sewing Patterns for Adorable Plush Pups (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: Alison J. Reid 
分類: Needlework & fabric crafts ,
Toys: making & decorating  
書城編號: 21127887

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製造商: David & Charles
出版日期: 2020/09/15
頁數: 234
ISBN: 9781446379776
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Set tails wagging with this collection of easy patterns for adorable dog designs, all made using simple hand-sewing techniques.Featuring many distinctive breeds-including terriers, toy breeds, gundogs, pastoral breeds, utility dogs, hounds, and working dogs-each pooch pattern in this book comes with step-by-step instructions and full-size templates, making them paws-itively perfect for all abilities.The only materials you'll need are felt, needle and threads, brads for eyes, a little stuffing, and some wool roving if you want to add fluffy fur to your dogs. To make your cuddly canines. you'll use a blanket stitch and running stitch and a couple of basic embroidery stitches, all of which are explained and illustrated for beginners.The finished little pups make cute brooches, bag charms, and home accessories, or can even be scaled up to make bigger plushes-all of which will make your dog-loving friends drool!
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eBook: Stitch 50 Dogs: Easy Sewing Patterns for Adorable Plush Pups (DRM EPUB)

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