eBook: Irresistible: Why We Can't Stop Checking, Scrolling, Clicking and Watching (mp3 zips)
電子書格式: mp3 zips
作者: Adam Alter 
製造商: Random House
分類: Abnormal psychology  

售價: $108.00

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出版日期: 2017/03/02
ISBN-10: 1473548985
ISBN-13: 9781473548985
書城編號: 21272254

Random House presents the unabridged, downloadable audiobook edition of Irresistible, written and read by Adam Alter.'Truly addictive' Malcolm Gladwell * 'Brilliant' Susan Cain * 'Essential' Charles DuhiggHow many times have you checked your phone today? Why are messaging apps, email and social media so hard to resist? How come we always end up watching another episode?In recent years, media and technology have perfected the lucrative art of gaining and holding our attention. This extraordinary feat has changed the behaviour of billions of people, and especially the young: by current medical standards, we are experiencing an unprecedented, global pandemic of addiction. But what exactly is an addiction? And what, if anything, might we do about it? From cliff-hangers to earworms, from religion to pornography, and from the awesome allure of the 'Kim Kardashian: Hollywood' app to the unexpected benefits of the 'butt-brush effect', Irresistible blends fascinating stories with ingenious science to explain how and why we all got hooked. Revealing the surprising causes and sometimes bizarre nature of addiction, this book will equip you with the tools and understanding you need to navigate our irresistible new world.

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