eBook: Stephen Longacre's Greatest Match (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: Stephen Hunter 
分類: Thriller / suspense  
書城編號: 21673700

原價: HK$39.00
現售: HK$37.05 節省: HK$1.95

購買後立即進貨, 約需 1-4 天

製造商: Stark Raving Group
出版日期: 2014/03/17
頁數: 50
ISBN: 9781630520038

Stephen Longacre, good for nothing playboy, is given an ultimatum by his wealthy father. Unless he rises to a certain challenge, his father will disconnect him from his world, and that includes paying for his lavish lifestyle. Longacre finally takes his life seriously as he finds his voice in a turbulent time, filled with hatred and violence.
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