eBook: Burn Notice: Recognizing Your Most Inner-Fire Purpose (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: A. M. Garcia, Cody Walker 
製造商: Morgan James Publishing
分類: Christian life & practice , Spirituality & religious experience  
出版日期: 2020/07/07
頁數: 171
ISBN-10: 1642799459
ISBN-13: 9781642799453
書城編號: 21701802
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An inspirational guide to help readers find their calling and incorporate their purpose into everyday life."Do I have purpose?" is likely one of the most self-searched questions in all of existence, yet it has been the most difficult answer to obtain. How do we obtain purpose? Is there a formula to this question? Do we seek after it, or does it appear in an instant?Burn Notice is a journey into the heart of one man, who, by faith and obedience, came to understand his own purpose and why he was placed on this earth. It is a life-changing formula that will encourage and inspire you along your own personal walk. Throughout Burn Notice, A.M. Garcia takes believers into the unknown, where purpose and understanding reside to see personal testimonies come to life, as well as the biblical truths that coordinate the two."Burn Notice will awaken and stir the passion for God in your life. As you read the powerful stories throughout the book, you will find your heart burning to serve Jesus with every breath that you have. Read this book prayerfully, and then go all in on God's assignment for your life! Thank you, Aaron, for inspiring a generation to live for a higher purpose." -Randy Lawrence Jr., author of The Burn Factor and In Pursuit"Aaron gives a fresh take on the familiar theme of living with purpose. His enthusiasm for a life lived in radical obedience to Christ is contagious." -Dr. Travis Hurley, Director of Advancement of Watered Gardens Ministries

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