eBook: Sex by Numbers: What Statistics Can Tell Us About Sexual Behaviour (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: David Spiegelhalter 
製造商: Profile
系列: Wellcome Collection
分類: Sociology: sexual relations , Science: general issues , Popular science  
出版日期: 2015/04/02
ISBN-10: 1782830995
ISBN-13: 9781782830993
書城編號: 21817909
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Whatever society we live in, and however open-minded we like to think we are, when it comes to our sex lives we all like to keep a few secrets. But this makes the jobs of sexologists -- professionals who study sexual behaviour -- pretty difficult.Luckily, David Spiegelhalter, Professor of Risk at Cambridge University, is here to unravel the web of exaggerations, misdirections and downright lies that surround sex in modern society. Drawing on the Natsal survey, the widest survey of sexual behaviour since the Kinsey Report, he answers crucial questions such as what are we all doing? How often? And how has it changed?Accompanying a major Wellcome exhibition on the same subject, Sex by Numbers is an informed and entertaining look at the most enduring of human obsessions, from one-night stands to the seven-year itch.WELLCOME COLLECTIONWellcome Collection is a free museum and library that aims to challenge how we think and feel about health. Inspired by the medical objects and curiosities collected by Henry Wellcome, it connects science, medicine, life and art. Wellcome Collection exhibitions, events and books explore a diverse range of subjects, including consciousness, forensic medicine, emotions, sexology, identity and death. Wellcome Collection is part of Wellcome, a global charitable foundation that exists to improve health for everyone by helping great ideas to thrive, funding over 14,000 researchers and projects in more than 70 countries.wellcomecollection.org
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