Stitch 50 Birds: Easy Sewing Patterns for Felt Feathered Friends (Hardcover)
作者: Alison J. Reid 
分類: Needlework & fabric crafts  
書城編號: 23744220

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出版社: David & Charles
出版日期: 2022/06/14
ISBN: 9781446309162


Feather your nest with this avian collection of easy sewing patterns for beautiful bird designs, all made using simple hand-sewing techniques.

Featuring the most popular and distinctive species - including garden birds, exotic birds, birds of prey, water birds, flightless birds and more - each pattern wings its way to you with step-by-step instructions and full-size templates, making them perfect for all abilities.

The finished little birdies would make cute brooches, bag charms and home accessories, or can even be scaled up to make bigger plushes, all of which will make your friends into avid twitchers!

Author Alison J Reid has spent months brooding away in her studio, researching all different kinds of birds, both common and rare. She has checked out their shapes, plumage and markings, and spent so much time trying to perfect their colourful, beautiful wings. It became an obsession! It was only by researching the various details that make each breed so distinctive, that Alison has been able to capture each of their unique qualities and differences.

Pattern, colour and shape are key, so capturing these details in felt was important. Luckily, there are so many different colours of felt available! Felt's non-fraying, double sided, robust qualities make it easy to create all the little details that make each bird design so unique and instantly recognisable.

Each bird pattern can be traced straight from the page (or enlarged if you want to sew a larger plush), and simple instructions mean that even beginners can get started. And because all the birds are sewn by hand, you don't need a sewing machine and can sit out in the garden with the birds while you sew.

Whether you choose to sew just your own favourites, or make gifts for the other bird-lovers in your life, this book will provide hours of fun and inspiration.

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