eBook: Insurrection Day: The gripping new Hayley Chill novella (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: Chris Hauty 
分類: Political / legal thriller  
書城編號: 24874740

售價: $45.00

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製造商: Simon & Schuster UK
出版日期: 2022/01/21
頁數: 120
ISBN: 9781398511347

Dont missSTORM RISING, the next edge-of-your-seat Hayley Chill thriller - available to order now.THE UPRISING HAS BEGUNHayley Chill has twenty-four hours to stop a violent revolt. The insurrection, taking the form of a storming of the Capitol Building, appears to be wholly spontaneous and disorganized. But is it? As the situation spirals out of control, authorities on the ground are utterly unprepared to protect the nations elected representatives from the crowds vengeance.When Hayley Chill rescues a powerful senator and his staff from the mob's clutches, she discovers shocking evidence that the uprising is led by one of the country's longstanding adversaries. Non-stop action shifts from Capitol Hill to a pursuit across Washington DC as Hayley chases down foreign operatives to make them answer for their crimes.Partly inspired by true events, this is a blistering novella featuring much-loved series character, Hayley Chill, and her fight against the powerful forces that threaten to overthrow democracy. Praise for Chris HautyHayley Chill is relentlessly smart and brave in this twisty, electrifying thrillerKARIN SLAUGHTERFull of twists, this one will keep you hooked to the very end JAMES SWALLOWOne of the most surprising double-reverse plot twists I have seen in some time NEW YORK TIMES';Brilliantly fast-moving and absorbing' SUNDAY TIMES CRIME CLUBThe HAYLEY CHILL thriller series#1 DEEP STATE#2 SAVAGE ROAD#3 STORM RISING
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eBook: Insurrection Day: The gripping new Hayley Chill novella (DRM EPUB)

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eBook: Insurrection Day: A Thriller (DRM EPUB)

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