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Play Therapy: The Art of the Relationship, 3rd Edition
作者: Garry L. Landreth 
出版日期: 2012/01/24
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ISBN-13: 9780415886819
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Play Therapy: The Art of the Relationship is the newest incarnation of Garry Landreth’s comprehensive text on creating therapeutic relationships with children through play. It details the Child-Centered Play Therapy model, which stresses the importance of understanding the child’s world and perspective. This approach facilitates the play therapy process while allowing therapist and client to fully connect. Professors who have taught a course based on the previous edition will be pleased to find the core message intact, but updated with a significant body of recent research. Expanded to cover additional topics of interest, the new edition includes:

a full chapter on current research in play therapy
new sections on supervising play therapists, legal and ethical issues and multicultural concerns
30 new photographs that show the author demonstrating techniques in-session
practical tips for working with parents
instructions on play room set-up and materials
online instructor resources.

The Third Edition will feel both familiar and fresh to educators and trainers who have relied on Landreth’s text for years. The guidelines, transcripts, and case examples offered help therapists govern sensitive issues at every stage of the therapeutic process, from the first meeting to the end of the relationship.

"The newest edition of this text is rather like having the opportunity to sit and talk with Garry Landreth. Many areas are expanded, reflecting the rich base of Garry’s knowledge and experience. If you’ve read it before, you’ll love this new edition. If this is your first time, pull up a chair and enjoy the relationship." - Linda E. Homeyer, PhD, LPCS, RPT-S, Professor, Professional Counseling Program, Texas State University-San Marcos.

"Dr. Landreth has done it again. The updated edition of his classic workis an essential resource for any therapist working with children. Through his clear explanation of process and practice, he pr guide for counseling children that promotes growth, development, and positive change." - Dee Ray, PhD, LPC-S, RPT-S, Associate Professor of Counseling and Director of Child and Family Resource Clinic, University of North Texas

"It is difficult to imagine improvement to the previous editions of Dr. Landreth’s classic text, but this third edition will further solidify it as not only the current standard, but also an historical classic in the field." - Daniel S. Sweeney, PhD, RPT-S, Professor of Counseling and Director of the NW Center for Play Therapy Studies, George Fox University

About Me, Garry Landreth. The Meaning of Play. History and Development of Play Therapy. A View of Children. Child-Centered Play Therapy. The Play Therapist. Parents as Partners in Play Therapy. The Playroom and Materials. Beginning the Relationship: The Child’s Time. Characteristics of Facilitative Responses. Therapeutic Limit Setting. Typical Problems in Play Therapy and What ...

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