The Wisdom Of Confucius (Paperback)
作者: Confucius 
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出版日期: 2023/04/01
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The collection of proverbs and lessons attributed to the Chinese philosopher Confucius is called "The Wisdom of Confucius, With Critical and Biographical," and it was put together and written by Epiphanius Wilson. A selection of Confucius' sayings on each of the book's several subjects, including "filial piety," "friendship," and "governance," are included in each chapter. The book also offers a biographical description of Confucius and a critique of his philosophical views. Confucianism was introduced to Western audiences via Wilson's translation and interpretation of Confucius' teachings, which also had an impact on the evolution of Western philosophy and ethics. The book places a strong emphasis on moral values, individual accountability, and societal harmony, all of which are fundamental concepts in Confucian philosophy. Overall, "The Wisdom of Confucius" is an important contribution to the subject of cross-cultural studies and offers a useful introduction to Confucianism and its philosophy.
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