Sober Curious: 65 Recipes for Fauxtails, Mocktails, and Free-Spirit Cocktails (Hardcover)
作者: Luke Basso 
分類: Diets & dieting ,
Cooking for parties ,
Non-alcoholic beverages ,
Holidays & seasonal interest  
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出版社: Chartwell Books
出版日期: 2023/12/12
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ISBN: 9780785843238


Mix up your drink game with 65 flavorful spirit-free libations that rival the look and taste of any traditional cocktail.

Whether you're observing a month of sobriety for wellness reasons, you're hosting a gathering and want to offer plenty of beverage options, or you're just plain curious what all the nonalcoholic fuss is about, The Herbalist's Guide for the Sober Curious features satisfying mocktails and herbal drinks for any occasion. Each recipe offers relevant herbal information or facts, simple instructions, and tantalizing photos of the finished drink.

Organized by beverage type, you'll be able to craft herbal drinks and mocktails to suit what you're craving. The brief overview of herbalism reviews the medicinal and beneficial properties of the botanicals used in the drinks. Whether you're looking to fight a cold (Elderberry & Echinacea Tonic), want a cleanse after a heavy holiday season (Dandelion Root Detox Iced Tea), or simply need to relax (Wildflower Relaxation Elixir), there's something for everyone here.

Based on homemade herbal shrubs, decoctions, tinctures, infusions, syrups, and bitters, along with fresh herbs, roots, and flowers, you'll be able to create unique booze-free drinks such as:

  • Blossoming Meadow Punch
  • Juniper & Cranberry Agua Fresca
  • Wildcrafted Fire Cider
  • Dandelion & Peach Slushy
  • S'more Mocktail
  • Spruce Tip Mojito
  • Blended Strawberry Mint Matcha Cooler
  • Homemade Root Beer and Ginger Beer
  • Woodland Herbal Spritzer
  • Foraged Berry Shrub

With accompanying full-color photographs, you'll learn what goes into crafting the perfect drink, along with the tools of the trade for making drinks and foraging for and drying wild ingredients. Also included are an herbal glossary and an international buyers' guide for herbs. From tonics and teas to spritzers and slushies, your zero-proof drink game will never be the same.

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