eBook: Julian Is a Mermaid (mp3 zips)
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作者: Jessica Love, Avi Roque 
書城編號: 27481188

原價: HK$130.00
現售: HK$123.5 節省: HK$6.5

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製造商: Candlewick
出版日期: 2020/11/23
頁數: 7
ISBN: 9781662052354

While riding the subway home from the pool with his abuela one day, Julian notices three women spectacularly dressed up. Their hair billows in brilliant hues, their dresses end in fishtails, and their joy fills the train car. When Julian gets home, daydreaming of the magic he's seen, all he can think about is dressing up just like the ladies in his own fabulous mermaid costume: a butter-yellow curtain for his tail, the fronds of a potted fern for his headdress. But what will Abuela think about the mess he makes-and even more importantly, what will she think about how Julian sees himself? Mesmerizing and full of heart, this jubilant story is a radiant celebration of individuality and self-love.
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