Merry Christmas, Zoo (Hardcover)
作者: Lola M. Schaefer 
分類: People & places (Children's / Teenage) ,
Holidays & seasonal interest  
書城編號: 27810657

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出版社: Chronicle Books
出版日期: 2024/09/24 (快將出版)
ISBN: 9781797216560

'Twas the Night Before Christmas goes to the zoo! Inspired by true events, this picture book celebrates the magic of Christmas and the spirit of giving.

It's Christmas at the zoo, and all the animals are in for a spectacular holiday surprise! Inspired by real events (yes, some zookeepers create a holiday experience for the animals!), this spirited holiday picture book takes young readers on a magical journey behind the scenes of a zoo as Santa and his helpers prepare to surprise the elephants, tigers, hippos, and more.

It's the night before Christmas
and all through the zoo,
we're working nonstop--
there's so much to do!

Narrated in playful rhyming text inspired by the classic 'Twas the Night Before Christmas poem, this delightful, illustrated children's book is sure to bring holiday cheer with its open-hearted celebration of creativity, generosity, and the zoo animals we love.

A CHRISTMAS STORY WITH HEART: Kids love reading Christmas books and getting excited about the season. They'll appreciate the focus on giving that makes the animals' holiday experience meaningful in this extra-special book--and in real zoos!

FOR KIDS WHO LOVE ZOO ANIMALS: Every child has a favorite animal at the zoo. Readers will be delighted to find that this Christmas zoo book features pandas, otters, penguins, polar bears, and more! Kids will love visiting and revisiting their favorite animals in these pages as much as they love visiting and revisiting the zoo.

RHYME MAKES THE READ ALOUD FUN: Whether it's the night before Christmas or any day of the holiday season, children will recognize the rhyme of the classic poem and revel in the new zoo twists--like when the parrots crack-crunch while the tortoises munch!

IN THE SPIRIT OF GIVING: One of the best things about Christmas is giving gifts to people we care about, just as the zookeepers give gifts to each and every animal in the story. This sweet book makes the perfect present for anyone who loves the holiday season.

Perfect for:

  • Kids who love Christmas and animals
  • Parents, grandparents, and caregivers seeking a heartwarming holiday book
  • Gift-givers looking for a lovely Christmas gift
  • Families who visit the zoo throughout the year
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