eBook: Whisperwicks: The Labyrinth of Lost and Found (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: Jordan Lees, Vivienne To 
系列: The Whisperwicks
分類: Adventure stories (Children's / Teenage) ,
Fantasy & magical realism (Children's / Teenage) ,
Romance & relationships stories (Children's / Teenage) ,
Interest age: from c 8 years  
書城編號: 28021231

售價: $195.00

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製造商: Penguin Random House Children's UK
出版日期: 2024/03/28
頁數: 432
ISBN: 9780241607510
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 The Whisperwicks is a brilliantly spun and wholly original story. This is an exciting new voice in children s fiction Abi Elphinstone, bestselling author of Sky SongThe spell-binding world-building of Philip Pullman with the page-turning kid appeal of Skandar and the Unicorn Thief. Discover a world of magic and secrets, friendship and unimaginable quests in this spectacular new fantasy series from the most exciting new voice in children's books.A boy who doesn't believe in magic. An impossible world that will change his mind.Eleven-year-old Benjamiah Creek believes in science, logic and the power of reason. He definitely does not believe in magic. But when he receives a mysterious gift in the post - a doll that can transform into a bird - he is led into the impossible (and most definitely magical) world of Wreathenwold, where dark secrets are lost amongst a vast labyrinth of streets.Benjamiah soon finds himself swept along in a dangerous quest - led by the fierce and brilliant Elizabella, who is determined to solve the disappearance of her missing brother.Will Benjamiah ever find his way home and discover his puzzling connection with this strange, enchanted world?'A breathtaking debut - I love the heartfelt friendship, fantastical worldbuilding, and sheer amount of warmth that runs throughout this book' Natasha Hastings, author of The Miraculous Sweetmakers'Lees makes the world of Wreathenwold come alive . . . An adventure story full of twists, action and mild scares that will suit a reader who enjoys Harry Potter, or Percy Jackson, weaving together magic, mythology and human relationships.' Children's Books Ireland'Lees writes with confidence and fantastic imagination. Readers attracted to the dark storytelling of Neil Gaiman and Philip Pullman will adore this captivating first instalment in this haunting new series' Booklist
The Whisperwicks

The Whisperwicks: The Labyrinth of Lost and Found (Hardcover)

eBook: Whisperwicks: The Labyrinth of Lost and Found (DRM EPUB)

Jordan Lees 作者作品表

The Labyrinth of Lost and Found (Hardcover)

The Labyrinth of Lost and Found (Paperback)

The Labyrinth of Lost and Found (Compact Disc)

The Whisperwicks: The Labyrinth of Lost and Found (Hardcover)

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