eBook: Beauty of the Beast: A Contemporary Fairytale MM Romance (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: Gabbi Grey 
系列: Ever After
書城編號: 28090215

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製造商: PublishDrive
出版日期: 2024/05/14
頁數: 314
ISBN: 9781998053278

DeanAll my life, I dreamed about making the long trip from Australia to Canada to study forestry amid the old-growth stands of the Pacific Northwest. Now here I am, living the dream. Of course, nothing's perfect. The only housing I can find is renting a room from a grumpy, reclusive guy who doesn't seem to want me around. I should keep out of his way and focus on my studies, but there's something about him that keeps drawing me in. I feel less homesick when I'm with him, and maybe I can make a difference for more than just the trees.AdamLife as I knew it ended with my horrific accident ten years ago. There's no point to my existence now, but I can't seem to stop living, so I hide my battered carcass in my mountain home. There, I can wander from room to room and no one stares, no one laughs, no one even remembers I exist. Until I make the mistake of offering a stranded Aussie a room to rent. It should've been a simple favor-two men with our own spaces, ignoring each other. Instead, he's always close by, and he won't let me wallow, and what's worse, I think I'm starting to like that. But there's no way someone like me can have a future with someone like him. Right?The Beauty of the Beast is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, set in the wilds of British Columbia, where an Aussie forester a long way from home falls for the untouchable man he shouldn't want. The novel has moderate angst, a feisty foreigner, and what happens when someone trusts again.
Ever After

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