Guide to Cloud Computing (Hardcover)
作者: Richard Hill 
出版社: Springer
出版日期: 2012/12/31
ISBN-10: 1447146026
ISBN-13: 9781447146025
書城編號: 513943
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Cloud computing platforms can allow organizations to become more efficient and more responsive to users of both internal and external systems, yet a clear understanding is needed in order to separate the facts from the hype behind this new and rapidly expanding area.

This Guide to Cloud Computing describes the landscape of cloud computing from first principles, leading the reader step-by-step through the process of building and configuring a cloud environment. The book not only considers the technologies for designing and creating cloud computing platforms, but also the business models and frameworks in real-world implementation of cloud platforms. Emphasis is placed on "learning by doing," and readers are encouraged to experiment with a range of different tools and approaches.

Topics and features: includes review questions, hands-on exercises, study activities and discussion topics throughout the text; describes the key technologies involved in cloud computing; explores the use of cloud computing in business environments; demonstrates the approaches used to build cloud computing infrastructures; reviews the social, economic, and political aspects of the on-going growth in cloud computing use; discusses legal and security concerns in cloud computing; examines techniques for the appraisal of financial investment into cloud computing; identifies areas for further research within this rapidly-moving field.

This easy-to-follow and highly practical textbook/guide is an invaluable resource for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students of software engineering, computer networking and related courses. The extensive worked examples will also appeal greatly to researchers, IT infrastructure technicians and application developers.

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