Drawing Surrealism (Hardcover)
作者: Leslie Jones 
出版日期: 2012/10/25
尺寸: 309x253x32mm
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ISBN-10: 3791352393
ISBN-13: 9783791352398
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Drawing, often considered a minor art, was central to Surrealism from the very beginning. Automatic drawing, exquisite cadavers, and frottage are just a few of the techniques invented by Surrealists as means to tap into the subconscious realm. While previous books have examined the connection between drawings and Surrealist paintings, Drawing Surrealism is the first to recognize the medium as a fundamental form of Surrealist expression, and to explore its impact on other media as well. Surrealist collage, photography, and even paintings are presented in the context of drawing as a metaphor for innovation and experimentation. It is also the first book to encompass a wide array of artists on a global scale--from the great figures in Surrealist history to lesser-known Surrealists from Japan, Central Europe, and the Americas, where the movement had a profound and lasting effect. In addition to brilliant reproductions of drawings and other works by more than 100 artists, this volume also includes a substantial historical essay by the exhibition's curator as well as informative essays by leading scholars. This groundbreaking book offers a deep understanding of the techniques and concerns that made Surrealism such an intimate perceptual revolution.

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