Small Firm Finance and the Political Economy of Risk
作者: Charlie Dannreuther 
出版日期: 2013/11
ISBN-10: 0415459370
ISBN-13: 9780415459372
書城編號: 683219

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This co-authored book pursues three interdependent objectives: firstly, it provides an historical analysis of the problem of SME finance in the UK; secondly, it deepens our understanding of the impact of economic ideas in governance and finally, it contributes theoretical debates over the relationship between power and knowledge by highlighting the significance of non-knowledge.

By showing how ideas shaped the boundaries between national/international and state/economy, this volume deepens our understanding of the institutional dynamics of the British economy. As well as addressing debates in international political economy, monetary economics and management the book will also be of interest to those interested in politics, institutional analysis and the sociology of knowledge.


1. Introduction, 2. Performativity & Power in the political economy, 3. “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition”: on territoriality and SME finance, 4. The Macmillan Committee and the performance of the gap, 5. A Problem without a problem? Keynes’s uncertainty and Postwar Britain, 6. The revolution in banking: Asymmetric information modelling, 7. Redefining the international, 8. Performativity and the normalisation of risk, 9. Conclusion

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