Environmental Movements and Waste Infrastructure
作者: Christopher Rootes 
出版日期: 2012/11
ISBN-10: 0415814766
ISBN-13: 9780415814768
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As rates of consumption grow, the problem of waste management has increased significantly. National and local waste authorities seek to manage such problems through the implementation of state regulation and construction of waste infrastructure, including landfills and incinerators. These, however, are undertaken in a context of increasing supra-state regulatory frameworks and directives on waste management, and of increasing activity by multi-national corporations, and are increasingly contested by activists in the affected communities. Environmental Movements and Waste Infrastructure sheds new light on the structures of political opportunity that confront environmental movements that challenge the state or corporate sector. A series of case studies on collective action campaigns from the EU, US and Asia is elaborated in order to illuminate the similarities and differences between anti-incinerator protests within different states. Several contributions share a concern about cross-border or transnational waste flows. Each case study looks beyond its initial local frame of reference and goes on to interrogate assumptions about NIMBYism or localism, demonstrating the wider linkages and networks established by both grassroots campaigns and state and multinational agencies

This book was previously published as a special issue of Environmental Politics


1. Environmental Movements, Waste and Waste Infrastructure: An Introduction Christopher Rootes 2. Environmental Movements and Campaigns against Waste Infrastructure in the United States Christopher Rootes and Liam Leonard 3. When Time is on Their Side: Determinants of Outcomes in New Siting and Existing Contamination Cases in Louisiana Melissa Kemberling and J. Timmons Roberts 4. More Acted upon than Acting? Campaigns against Waste Incinerators in England Christopher Rootes 5. A Burning Issue? Governance and Anti-Incinerator Campaigns in Ireland, North and South Liam Leonard, Peter Doran and Honor Fagan 6. Wasting Energigns against Waste-to-Energy Sites in France Darren McCauley 7. Grassroots Mobilisations against Waste Disposal Sites in Greece Iosif Botetzagias and John Karamichas 8. Movements, Mobilities and the Politics of Hazardous Waste Su-Ming Khoo and Henrike Rau

Author Bio

Christopher Rootes is Professor of Environmental Politics and Political Sociology as well as Director of the Centre for the Study of Social and Political Movements at the University of Kent, Canterbury.

Liam Leonard is Lecturer in Sociology, Criminology and Human Rights at the Institute of Technology, Sligo

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