Prince of Ravenscar, 1st Edition
作者: Catherine Coulter 
出版社: Large Print Press
出版日期: 2012/11
ISBN-10: 1594135673
ISBN-13: 9781594135675
書城編號: 778021

原價: HK$160.00
現售: HK$152 節省: HK$8

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A New York Times bestseller
A Sherbrooke novel
Coulter is the author of 15 novels in the FBI Thriller series
Coulter has published over 50 books and has had 45 consecutive New York Times bestsellers since 1988

Bestselling author Catherine Coulter brings a daring and witty new historical romance to life‚ with a sparkling cast of engaging‚ multi-faceted characters.

Nicholas Monroe‚ widowed Prince of Ravenscar‚ is feeling pressure from his family to remarry. But the mysterious death of his first wife‚ Lily‚ still hangs over his head. Lily’s brother‚ Richard‚ believes Nicholas is responsible for his sister’s death. When Richard finally confronts Nicholas‚ long-held secrets threaten to resurface — despite someone’s desperate efforts to keep them buried.

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