Christian Music (Paperback)
作者: Tim Dowley 
分類: Sacred & religious music  
書城編號: 1456073

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出版社: SPCK
出版日期: 2018/10/20
尺寸: 215x144x25mm
ISBN: 9780281079261


Christian Music: A Global History was originally published by Lion Hudson in 2011. This new edition has been substantially extended and updated.

Dr Tim Dowley's wide-ranging survey includes contributions from nine additional experts. The book covers the Jewish musical tradition; early hymns and psalms; music after Constantine; the rise of music in the Orthodox tradition; Christian chant and the core of medieval music; polyphony in the medieval and Renaissance eras; music and the Lutheran Reformation; the rise of Catholic Baroque; the development of Anglican worship; Christian music in Latin America; the Viennese tradition of liturgical and non-liturgical sacred music; sacred music in the age of Romanticism; 19th-century hymns; the steadily developing tradition of Christian music in Africa; sacred music and the concert hall; music and The Salvation Army; the rise of carols; popular church music in the 20th century; the making of the American Gospel tradition; Christian music in SE Asia; musical traditions in Australia and New Zealand, and in the Pacific Islands; Christian elements in the rise of folk and jazz; and the rise of the contemporary Christian music industry.

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