Biophilia (Hardcover)
作者: Sally Coulthard 
出版社: Kyle Books
出版日期: 2020/04/28
尺寸: 216x152x13mm
重量: 0.7 kg
ISBN-10: 085783715X
ISBN-13: 9780857837158
書城編號: 1644914

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A natural design for living well.
American psychologist Edward O. Wilson popularised the term Biophilia - meaning a love of nature and a need to connect to the natural world - in the 1980s, after observing how increasing rates of urbanization were leading to people feeling a disconnect from the natural world. We all need biophilia in our lives, and here author Sally Coulthard demonstrates how best to incorporate the fundamentals into everyday life. Examining the branches of a biophilic home, the ten inspiring chapters incorporate science, psychology and practical deecor advice for making positive and accessible changes in the home or at work. Chapters include: Air & Temperature - why heat and airflow matter in a healthy home; Forms & Patterns - how to take inspiration from nature to decorate your home; Light & Rhythms - creating spaces to enhance the natural rhythm of passing seasons, plentiful daylight and dark nights; Materials & Decor - importance of using minimally processed material to reflect local ecology; Color - how to use tones and shades that compliment or contrast.

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