Diana Armfield: A Lyrical Eye (Hardcover)
作者: Andrew Lambirth 
分類: Painting & paintings  
書城編號: 19522321

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出版社: Paul Holberton Pub
出版日期: 2021/06/01
ISBN: 9781913645076

A centennial celebration of the contemporary British painter Diana Armfield.

Diana Armfield has a highly personal attachment to subject and a subtly distinctive affinity with the rhythms of form and tone. These qualities have made her an important, influential figure in modern British art--and a very popular one. She has received her widest acclaim for her flower paintings, but her work is much broader than that. This book--created to mark her one-hundredth birthday--is also a rich representation of the painter's feeling for landscape and place. Featuring two hundred illustrations, including a number of more recent works, this book is a fascinating exploration of her life and work to date. An interview with Armfield by Andrew Lambirth and an essay on her work round out the volume.

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