eBook: Widow's Survival Guide: Living with Children After the Death of Your Spouse (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: Charity Pimentel-Hyams 
製造商: Morgan James Publishing
分類: Coping with death & bereavement , Advice on parenting  
出版日期: 2020/09/01
頁數: 73
ISBN-10: 1631950215
ISBN-13: 9781631950216
書城編號: 21680028
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"Charity offers hope and practical steps through the darkness and difficulty of grief into the light and new possibilities of life." -The Reverend Tracy Fye WeatherhoggWithin The Widow's Survival Guide, Charity Pimentel-Hyams, a widow at thirty-seven with children aged five, three, and one at the time of her husband's tragic and unexpected death, takes women through the challenges and triumphs of young widowhood. Throughout The Widow's Survival Guide, women learn:What to do directly after the death of their spouseHow to support themselves and handle grieving children, even when they're falling apartWhat grief can look like and the symptoms it createsHow to create an action plan for day-to-day lifeStrategies to check in with their heart and stay connected to their lost loved one"A brave and deeply human account of embracing unbearable loss . . . powerful medicine for anyone suffering loss." -Robin Winn, LMFT"A heartbreaking journey of myriad emotions, love, and loss. I found myself holding my breath through some of the painfully practical details and advice to widows. The love expressed in this book in tangible, honest and devastating." -Ana-Maria Figueredo, author of The Secret Art of Selling Insurance"Just the right mix of practicality and existentialism . . . anticipates and normalizes the complex emotions associated with early widowhood." -Megan Greenleaf, MD

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