eBook: Roll Up Your Sleeves: Leading and Living in a World of Constant Change (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: Michael Alan Tate 
製造商: Morgan James Publishing
分類: Management: leadership & motivation , Advice on careers & achieving success  
出版日期: 2020/05/26
頁數: 132
ISBN-10: 1642799777
ISBN-13: 9781642799774
書城編號: 21701807
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The executive consultant and author of The White Shirt shares a faith based parable with lessons for navigating our ever-changing world.In his popular book The White Shirt, Michael Alan Tate introduced readers to a young man named Cyrus who needed to find his place in the world. The story of his journey coincided with a step-by-step guide for readers to create their own career strategy. Now Tate returns to Cyrus at a new stage of life, where he mut learn to adapt to a changing world-and to his own changing role within it.In Roll Up Your Sleeves, Tate presents a new parable that teaches leaders how they can successfully navigate change in their personal and professional lives. Along with the engaging story, readers will find:* A simple toolset for any leader facing a complex world of constant change* A clear understanding of what change does to employees, friends, and family*Easy to apply actions to keep change from disrupting an entire organization, family, or community

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eBook: Roll Up Your Sleeves: Leading and Living in a World of Constant Change (DRM EPUB)
eBook: White Shirt: Find Your Peaceful & Life-giving Career at Any Stage of Life (DRM EPUB)

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