eBook: Storm Rising (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: Chris Hauty 
分類: Adventure  
書城編號: 25937479

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製造商: Simon & Schuster UK
出版日期: 2022/05/26
頁數: 336
ISBN: 9781398511286
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Hayley Chill is relentlessly smart and brave KARIN SLAUGHTER,Sunday Times bestselling author Ex-White House intern Hayley Chill is in training as an MMA fighter, trying to leave her past behind her. But hard as she may try to escape it, the past finds her. Under the floorboards of her fathers house, she uncovers a ciphered document titled ';The Storm'. More Clues lead her into the Deeper State. What begins as incidental evidence of a subculture of white supremacy within the US military emerges as a much more extensive and dire threat. Hayley's lonely and often violent investigative pursuit travels up a mysterious cabal's chain of command, leading to the revelation of a fully-realized conspiracy to break off several southern states from the US, forming a new country and one founded on white nationalist ideals. It is up to Hayley Chill alone to stop a second civil war before it starts, while at the same time revealing the ultimate truth about her own father's role in this harrowing chapter of American history.The new must-read Hayley Chill thriller and a political mystery for our time - perfect for fans of Gregg Hurwitz and Terry Hayes and series likeThe BodyguardandDesignated Survivor. Praise for Chris Hauty Full oftwists,this one will keep you hooked to the very end JAMES SWALLOW One of the most surprising double-reverse plottwistsI have seen in some timeNEW YORK TIMES ';Agrippingtale of political skulduggerythat is deeper than it initially appears'TIMES ';Brilliantly fast-moving and absorbingthe twists just keep coming'SUNDAY TIMES CRIME CLUB The ending is a jaw-dropper This is going to be THE book for 2020 The definition of a great political thriller' It's unique, fresh andthe word ';twist' is just not acceptable to cover what happens SUPERB!10/10 This one hadgreat twists and turns. When I thought we were headed in one direction, it would veer off into another andI loved it
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