Where Words Come from (Paperback)
作者: Fred Sedgwick 
出版日期: 2009/05/21
尺寸: 199x129x19mm
重量: 250 grams
ISBN-10: 1847062741
ISBN-13: 9781847062741
書城編號: 561599

原價: HK$192.00
現售: HK$182.4 節省: HK$9.6

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Did you know that 'aardvark' comes from the South African for 'earth pig'? Or that 'assassin' actually comes from the Arabic for 'smoker of hashish'? This book explains why 'bungalow' comes from Hindi and what exactly 'hello' is short for.

It is an invaluable guide to the fascinating origins of everyday words. There are literally tens of thousands of English words with entertaining and engaging stories behind them. Tackling the topic in an anecdotal and yet thorough manner, Fred Sedgwick's pithy, interesting, upbeat and approachable Where Words Come From is the etymological dictionary for everyone, a book to inspire wonder, debate and laughter.

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